We Are Reopening

We are glad to announce that starting April 5th you will no longer be required to call ahead and make an appointment to come to the library.  But there are still some rules:

  1. Masks must still be worn
  2. Social Distancing is still required
  3. Hands must be sanitized upon entering
  4. The number of patrons in the library will have to remain below the allowed levels dictated by NY State.

We will also open the front doors (facing the ball field) for patrons to use.  There no longer will be a need to ring a doorbell or call before you come in.  The book return on the circulation desk will be open again, but books will still need to be quarantined for the 96 hours as required by NY Library Association.

We will still be offering curbside pickup.  The procedure for this will remain the same as it has in the past.

We are so happy that we finally can open up more for people.  This is the first step towards fully reopening. 

Thank You Everyone for your support during the past year.

Sally Ploof Hunter Memorial Library Staff