Sally Ploof Hunter Memorial Library 5 Year Strategic Plan


The Sally Ploof Hunter Memorial Library aims to be the connection point of choice for our community’s information, entertainment, and social needs.

Vision-details listed below

  • Community 
  • Diversity 
  • Relevance 
  • Technology
  • History
  • Partnership 


  • Community – We seek to actively serve and engage our neighbors in the Village of Black River and the towns of LeRay and Rutland.

Director or designee will attend a minimum of 1 board meeting yearly for each of the entities listed below.  A report will be submitted that will include important statistics, new programs and services and other significant information for the boards to review.

Town of LeRay Board
Town of Rutland Board
Black River Village Board


  • Diversity – We will continue to serve patrons of all backgrounds, and offer a variety of specific programs including those for children, youth, and adults. 


  • Relevance – We will provide library services, programs, and events which are intentionally developed to meet the perceived needs of the community in which we live.

In order for a library to remain relevant, it needs to evaluate the data yearly.  This will determine what is working, what needs to be refined, and what needs to be discontinued. In February of each year, the Board will evaluate the data that has been entered on the Annual Report. Using the Spread Sheet (see attached), important data can be reviewed and compare with at least 5 years of data.  The Director will identify trends, concerns and issues that will need to be addressed to the Board of Trustees.

The areas to be reviewed are:




Computer Use



  • Technology – In addition to our robust collection of printed materials, we will provide rich content to our patrons including audiobooks, digital, video, eBooks, etc. We will also provide access and opportunities to learn modern technologies.
  1. Employees will be trained in new technologies as the need arises.
  2. An inventory of all computer, laptop computers, printers and other equipment related to technology will be update yearly.  
  3. Technology program/classes will be offered when the need has been identified.
  4. Maintain a social media presence that enhances the visibility of the library’s programs and       activities.
  5. Maintain our current website to meet all compliance standards.


  • History – We are committed to the collection, archival, and sharing of historic documentation related to our community and its people.
  1. All available yearbooks will be scanned and forwarded to the New York Heritage website
  2. Create/maintain a Master list for the Black River Cemetery
  3. Create/maintain a master list of relevant artifacts currently housed in the library.
  4. Continue to add to the collection of relevant artifacts that will enhance people’s awareness of the history of this area.
  5. Create/maintain a map of the historic landmarks of this area.


  • Partnership – We will work with the North Country Library System and other area entities to share resources and programs within the larger Northern NY region.
  1. The library will maintain a partnership with the local school districts of the area.
  2. Outreach programs will be developed and implemented, but not limited to, the following: 

          Book Loft 

          Kamargo Seniors Book Group 

          Senior Christmas Project