Board of Trustees Meeting September 29 2020

I. Administrative

  1.  Called the meeting to order at 4:30PM
  2. Attendance:   Lorie Ames, Colleen Bowers, Caitlin Collins, Sue Ellen Deion, George Hawver, Barbara Morgan, Helene Murdock, Robyn O’Crowley, Sellinda Spears, Mary Louise Hunt, Shawn Hunt, Teri Ingersol, Katelynn Dolson
  1. Additions to agenda and approval

   Motion: Robyn O’Crowley         Second:   Colleen Bowers

  1. Period for public expression – No Comments

 II.  Reports

  1. Insurance Report – Mike Hayes (Foy Insurance)

    Mike proposes the library go with a new coverage policy.  It provides more coverage at a reduced cost.  Acadia part of the Berkley Group

For our construction we will need a copy of Capital Constructions Insurance with us listed as an additional insured.

    Motion: Colleen Bowers                  Second: Helene Murdock  

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Carthage Central School funding will be here sometime in October, most likely at the end of the month. The same goes for the Town of Rutland.              

Motion: Sue Ellen Deion                  Second: Robyn O’Crowley

  1. Director’s Report

General Update – Things are going well.  All staff back and many people making appointments to visit the building.

New schedule – Going to 39 hours after Columbus Day waiting for CSD to announce their plans will definitely open on Saturdays if school goes back to full time.

Summer Reading – Most successful ever Spent more on postage than usual because of the closure.

Book Loft – New program has been implemented.  Teachers have access to free books to give students.  K-2 teachers each have a basket of books in there room  to distribute as they choose.  Grade 3-4 teachers have coupons to give students.  Students go online to order their books and the books will be delivered to the teacher from the library.

Star Wars Reading Program – New winter reading program to be sent to started at Black River Elementary.  Students will get a membership card and can earn points towards a free book.  Will present to teachers in the second week of school.

Energy Audit – Use is back to normal  Shawn working with Cornell coop

III.  Old Business

  1. Renovation Project 

Proposal – It is proposed that the Board hire Patrick Hunt at a flat rate of $1500 to be the Clerk of the Works for the 2020 Renovation Project, after 2 previous hires backed out.

           Motion:     robyn                                 Second: George

 IV. New Business

Strategic Plan and NY State Standards – These are still due next year. Mary Louise and Shawn presented our plan and standards that they have developed. The board was given a copy and asked to look them over before the next meeting to make any additional comments.

VI. Next Meeting 

      Tuesday 4:30 3rd

VII.  Adjournment

          Motion: Motion made to adjourn the meeting at 

             Motion:    George                                                  Second: Kristin