Board of Trustees Meeting May 17 2018

In attendance:

  • Len Flack (P)
  • Diana Flack (S)
  • Shawn Hunt (T)
  • Laurie Ames
  • Barb Morgan
  • Robyn O’Crowley
  • Helene Murdock
  • Sue Ellen Deion
  • George Hawver
  • Trish Lincoln
  • Mary Louise Hunt
  • Terry Ingersoll

Meeting came to order at 6:27 PM. 

Diana Flack read the meeting minutes from March 15, 2018.   George made a motion to accept as read.  Helene seconded.  Motion was carried. 



Shawn Hunt gave the treasurer’s report.  Sue Ellen made a motion to accept the report as given.  Trish seconded.  Motion was carried.


Mary Louise Hunt gave the director’s report.  George made a motion to accept the report as given.  Robyn seconded. Motion was carried.

Unfinished Business

Sandy has agreed to do the landscaping and weeding for $200 a month. 

The sign will be done tomorrow.

New Business

Trustee Officer Elections

Len Flack and Diana Flack submitted notice of their intent to resign from the Board of Trustees effective tomorrow, May 18, 2018.

George made the motion for Barb Morgan to be President, Sue Ellen Deion to be Vice President and Robyn O’Crowley to be Secretary.  Trish Seconded.  Motion was carried.

Building Project

See Attached. Mary Louise will be getting an estimate for an architectural plan from CMS Delong and then email Barb to seek approval from the board for going forward. 

Library Layout Changes

Mary Louise would like to move the computer station to the middle of the DVD room.  We would need an electrician to run electric.  She will get a quote and email Barb for board approval.

Hourly Standards Revision to Job Description/Handbook

Len made a motion to remove the cap number of hours for staff members from the handbook.  Sue Ellen seconded.  Motion was carried.

New Trustee Search

  We will begin the process of looking for new trustees in January.


George motioned for adjournment.  Len seconded. Motion carried.